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Employment law

DESRUMAUX AVOCATS assists you with your employment law issues

Every company faces legal challenges, particularly when it comes to managing labor relations. From the talent search to the termination of the employment contract, each stage requires special expertise and vigilance. At Desrumaux Avocats, we are committed to supporting you with rigor and professionalism. Our mission: to provide tailor-made legal assistance, taking into account the specific features of your company, its sector of activity and the diversity of employment contracts. Our commitment is based on constant innovation, adaptability and attentiveness to your needs.


Setting up the working relationship

At the beginning of any professional relationship is the search for and integration of the right talent.

At Desrumaux Avocats, we guide you from the very first step:

  • Help in drafting the job offer
  • Drafting the promise to hire: secure your proposal and clearly define the terms.
  • Negotiating and drafting the employment contract: ensuring that every clause reflects your needs while respecting the legal framework, whether in terms of remuneration, working hours or termination arrangements.
  • Compliance with social security regulations: advice on contributions, declarations and other obligations from the outset of employment.

Performance of the employment relationship

Managing day-to-day labor relations is at the heart of your company’s long-term success. With our expertise, you will be able to :

  • Managing individual aspects: from payroll to working hours, every detail counts.
  • Organizing collective management: from setting up professional elections to negotiating company agreements and establishing internal policies.
  • Wrongdoing and social security: From managing sick leave to workplace accidents, we ensure that the rights and duties of each party are protected.
  • Identifying and dealing effectively with misconduct: from whistle-blowing to harassment, protecting your employees and your business is our priority.

Termination of the employment relationship

Any working relationship can come to a difficult end. We are here to ensure that these transitions take place under the best possible conditions:

  • Disciplinary procedures and social implications: Every action must respect the legal framework, whether it involves dismissals or sanctions.
  • Advice on termination of employment: Whether you’ve been made redundant, have signed a contract of termination or have negotiated your departure, each situation has its own specific social security consequences. We’ll help you define the best approach.
  • Securing the termination: ensuring that all legal aspects are covered, minimizing the risk to your company.
areas of expertise in Employment Law:

Employment law advice

Labour litigation

Assistance and representation before the Conseil de Prud’hommes and the Cour d’Appel in the following areas:


We also provide support for senior executives, from the moment they are hired to the termination of their employment contract, for whatever reason.

In fact, we help managerial staff with negotiations during the hiring phase (in particular with regard to clauses inserted by the employer in the employment contract), but also throughout the employment relationship (explanations of how pay is calculated, bonuses, working hours, salary increases, preparation for the annual appraisal interview, support for employees who have been victims of harassment or accused of harassment, etc.).

Lastly, we provide recommendations to executive employees when their employment contract is terminated. We guide them to find the solution best suited to their situation, and also depending on whether the termination is requested by the executive employee (resignation, contractual termination, forced resignation, judicial termination, etc.) or by the employer (dismissal for personal reasons, redundancy for economic reasons, termination of probationary period, etc.).

Employment law advice

Labour litigation

Assistance and representation in labour litigation (Conseil de Prud’hommes in particular) in various fields: