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Our support for Opéra National de Bordeaux

28 July 2023

At Desrumaux Avocats, we thrive on making Corporate Social Responsibility not just an ideal, but a reality intrinsic to our identity. A staunch advocate of environmental, social and economic impact, we are steadfastly building our future while keeping a watchful eye on the world around us.

In July, we took a new turn, adding another string to our bow by joining the Opera Club. We are now proud to support the Opéra National de Bordeaux for the 2023-2024 artistic season.

For us, this commitment is much more than just a financial contribution. It is the materialization of our desire to contribute to the development of culture, an inseparable element of our vision of corporate citizenship.

Within the Opera Club, our role is not limited to promoting culture. We’re doing our bit to promote the artistic heritage of our beautiful New Aquitaine region.

Our membership of the club was also propelled by the ambition to broaden our social influence, beyond the cultural sphere. We support and admire the Opera’s commitment to social inclusion, through its initiation and awareness programs aimed at various groups, including young people and the disadvantaged.

So it’s with overflowing enthusiasm that our entire team is delighted to share this new adventure with you. As a supporter of the Opera, we look forward to sharing with you our progress towards a world where culture and solidarity are one.

Stay tuned to our newsletter to follow our exciting journey towards a more responsible and culturally rich future.

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