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Turn the law into a growth lever for your company

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A company’s success is measured not only by its financial performance, but also by the strength of its working relationships. We understand the importance of effective collaboration between company directors, human resources managers and their employees. At DESRUMAUX AVOCATS, we guide you in establishing the rules for harmonious collaboration. Our aim is to reinforce your company’s stability, support its development and help you face any difficulties that may arise. Our mission? Ensure a balanced working environment, boost your performance and support you in every challenge.

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In business, you need boldness, a good strategy and legal protection. Our role? Provide you with the legal tools you need to secure your business and anticipate unforeseen events, so as to optimize your operations. From negotiating and concluding robust contracts to managing conflicts, we strengthen your position and ensure your success.

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Welcome to Desrumaux Avocats, your partner for excellence at every stage of your growth.

The law, more than a framework, is a lever for your ambitions. We offer tailor-made legal solutions, turning the law into an asset for your business.

  • Serving ambitious companies
    Our expertise is built around employment and business law, offering cutting-edge legal solutions tailored to your company’s reality.

  • Partnership for your growth
    We are committed to the long-term, harmonious development of your business, ensuring the security of your commercial and working relationships. When it comes to litigation, our commitment to defending your interests is unwavering.

  • Transparent collaboration
    Your expectations are our top priority. Anticipate your needs with clear communication, responsive responses and a pre-established pricing structure.
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Why is DESRUMAUX AVOCATS the best choice for your company?

We offer tailor-made legal solutions designed to support and protect your business as it evolves. More than a law firm, we’re the reliable pillar you can rely on, supporting your business through every challenge.

What is our mission?

Guarantee the security of your relationships with business partners and employees, while resolutely defending your interests in the event of litigation.

When you place your trust in DESRUMAUX AVOCATS, here’s what you can expect:

Expertise and Modernity : A responsive, dedicated, passionate team with strong expertise in employment and business law. We take a modern approach to the law, seeing it as an asset and a tool for optimizing your business.

Proactive communication: Open dialogue, clear and transparent communication. We take a holistic, solutions-oriented approach, ensuring that you’re always in the know and in control.

Transparent fees: no surprises. You know exactly what to expect.

Long-term commitment : A long-term partnership. We support you in your development.

Personalized attention: Close collaboration for every case. Each client benefits from the combined expertise of a partner, an associate and our dedicated assistant.

Vision d’Avenir: Support in building a sustainable future. We are aware of tomorrow’s challenges and are ready to help you implement a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy in line with your vision.

❖ International openness: A bilingual team, able to work effectively in English, to facilitate your international development or the hiring of foreign talent.

❖ Regular follow-up: Increased visibility of our work. We propose an intervention schedule with regular telephone or videoconference meetings to keep you up to date with the progress of your project.

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