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DESRUMAUX AVOCATS scrupulously respects its duty of transparency and information on the fees charged. The terms and conditions are set out in advance of the assignment.
An initial meeting by telephone or videoconference is proposed to discuss the case. This first appointment is free of charge.

At the end of this meeting, DESRUMAUX AVOCATS will let you know whether it can assist you, and if so, what kind of assignment it can offer you, along with the financial terms and conditions.

Several types of fees can be set up depending on your situation:

  • Package
  • With or without performance fee ;
  • Monthly subscription
  • Time spent

We prefer flat-rate invoicing, so that our customers know the cost of our intervention in advance.

We prefer to invoice on a flat-rate basis with a volume of hours, so that your company (SME) knows in advance the cost of our intervention.

A letter of engagement is presented to you before the service begins, together with a fee agreement.

Once the engagement letter has been validated, DESRUMAUX AVOCATS will send you a deposit invoice in accordance with the contractual terms.

If a time-based service is required, the firm will provide you with an estimate of the time required for the assignment.

The service only begins once you have signed the engagement letter and fee agreement.

Fees do not cover legal costs and expenses, travel expenses or expenses paid to outside parties, which are billed directly to the client or must be reimbursed. DESRUMAUX AVOCATS provides as much advance information as possible on the cost of additional expenses.

The engagement letter and fee agreement are signed electronically using the secure electronic signature software, yousign.

The deposit invoice must be paid before DESRUMAUX AVOCATS can work on your case.

In accordance with legal criteria, fees for consultation, assistance, advice, drafting of private legal documents, legal representation and pleading may also be set in agreement with you, depending on the nature and complexity of the case, the intellectual work involved (research and synthesis of texts and case law), the economic and social situation of the client, the firm’s management costs and the expected result.

If the case involves urgent work, the hourly rate may be automatically increased by 15%, with prior notice to the customer.

You can contact us for a specific question or for long-term support.

We also offer monthly subscription packages for more intensive day-to-day support.

Fees do not cover miscellaneous expenses. We will inform you in advance of all the costs you will have to pay, such as the fees of the court commissioner, other legal costs, travel, board and lodging expenses in the event of travel on national territory outside the Nouvelle Aquitaine region, court registry fees, and expenses paid to parties outside the firm, which will be billed directly to you or reimbursed to us in the event of an advance.

In all cases, we take care to inform you of the overall cost.

Pleading fees: Article L. 723-3 of the French Social Security Code stipulates that a fee is charged for each hearing. In 2023, this fee will be €13. This sum is independent of the fees for diligence and must be taken into account.

Pleading fees: Article L. 723-3 of the French Social Security Code stipulates that a fee is charged for each hearing. In 2022, this fee will be €13. This sum is independent of the fees for diligence and must be taken into account.

“The “User” or “Customer



Registered with the RCS DE BORDEAUX under number 912 311 149

Admitted to the BORDEAUX Bar

49 rue de la Devise – 33000 BORDEAUX


Article 1: Purpose of the agreement

The purpose of this agreement is to define the mission of SELARL DESRUMAUX AVOCATS. The mission entrusted under this agreement is to provide the service ordered and paid for by the User on the Firm’s Website.

This can be by telephone or videoconference.

The Firm undertakes to carry out the service requested by the User within a reasonable time and reserves the right to be replaced by a lawyer of its choice if necessary.

Article 2: Fees

The parties have agreed that the fees of SELARL DESRUMAUX AVOCATS are fixed according to the flat rate indicated online and inclusive of all taxes and specific to the service chosen by the User at the time of the order.

These prices only include the service selected by the User.

These rates therefore do not cover the specific mission that would fall to SELARL DESRUMAUX AVOCATS if the User decided to refer his case to it, as well as all the related procedures.

This assignment will then be the subject of a separate fee agreement, to be communicated at a later date in accordance with the terms and conditions agreed between the parties, taking into account the nature of the assignment.

Article 3: Duration and termination of the assignment

In principle, the French Consumer Code provides for a 14-day withdrawal period for consumers.

However, if the service is requested within a period of less than 14 days, the user expressly acknowledges that he/she has requested not to benefit from the withdrawal period, and that he/she cannot avail himself/herself of it.

The mission of SELARL DESRUMAUX AVOCATS under this agreement shall be deemed to have been performed once the service ordered on the Internet Site has been carried out under conditions specific to the nature of said service.

Article 4: Payment of fees

By accepting the present agreement, the User agrees to the payment of the price corresponding to the service ordered on the SELARL DESRUMAUX AVOCATS Internet Site by credit card, and considers this payment definitive.
Payment must be made in advance of the service.
SELARL DESRUMAUX AVOCATS reserves the right to cancel the service if no payment has been received by the date of the service.

The User will be reimbursed the full amount paid if SELARL DESRUMAUX AVOCATS is unable to perform its service within a reasonable time.

Under no circumstances will the customer be entitled to claim compensation for cancellation or any other prejudice.

Article 5: Liability

SELARL DESRUMAUX AVOCATS undertakes to comply with all its ethical obligations in the performance of the service ordered by the client.

SELARL DESRUMAUX AVOCATS is bound by an obligation of best endeavours towards the Client.

Article 6: Mediation and fee disputes

Pursuant to articles L. 111-1 and R. 111-1 and L.612-1 of the French Consumer Code, the professional must inform the consumer of the contact details of the consumer mediator(s) to whom he/she is answerable.

If the customer so wishes, he may refer the matter to the National Consumer Mediator for the Legal Profession, namely :

Mrs Carole PASCAREL, Médiateur national de la profession d’avocat, 180 boulevard Haussmann, 75008 PARIS, e-mail

The client is informed that recourse to the mediator may only be made after having first attempted to resolve the dispute directly with the LAWYER by means of a written complaint.

Any dispute relating to the present agreement will be submitted to the arbitration of the President of the BORDEAUX Bar Association.