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Desrumaux AVOCATS

Avocats  Droit social  Droit des affaires

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14 September 2023

The SYNTEC index was created in 1961 and recognized by the Ministry of Economy and Finance in 1974.

It is of particular importance to companies in this sector, as it provides an accurate and transparent representation of cost trends.

What is the SYNTEC index?

The SYNTEC index measures changes in labor costs for services provided by companies in the SYNTEC sector, within the framework of certain projects (long-term contracting, software or application maintenance, etc.).

It consists of five digits, including two decimal places.

What is the purpose of the Syntec index?

This index is used within the industry to update or revise the financial clause of a contract, according to a formula specified in the clause.

This index may, where appropriate, be coupled with other economic indices, depending on the nature of the service provided.

How is this index calculated?

The Syntec index is calculated monthly, based on responses to a survey of companies belonging to a control group within the sector.

Once these responses have been obtained, a monthly report is drawn up, showing the average full-time equivalent workforce of these companies and the total gross salaries corresponding to this workforce.

Based on these results, a calculation is made to measure the change in the sum of gross payroll and the sum of full-time headcount, relative to the working time in question. The resulting index is then smoothed over a 12-month period.

Since 2019, the Syntec index has been revised to incorporate methodological changes recommended by INSEE.

This revised, more precise index is now produced each month by calculating the average payroll and corresponding full-time equivalent workforce declared by the control group, by sector (Digital, Engineering and Consulting) and by employee bracket (20-199 employees / 200-499 employees / 500 employees and over).

Since September 2022, this revised index has been the only one published and monitored.

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