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URSSAF Bordeaux Aquitaine

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URSSAF was founded to collect contributions and fees to finance the Social Security system.

Collecting wage guarantee insurance and unemployment contributions, the organization is also responsible for collecting social security contributions on behalf of the French government. URSSAF may, if necessary, resort to forced collection if formal notice is given.

This organization acts as a CFE for the liberal professions, keeping abreast of social regulations and verifying the application of labor law within companies.

URSSAF stands for Union de Recouvrement des cotisations de Sécurité Sociale et d’Allocations Familiales (Union for the Collection of Social Security and Family Allowance Contributions) and, along with Agence Centrale des Organismes de Sécurité Sociale (ACOSS), is the collection branch for the general Social Security system.

URSSAF is an official government body whose purpose is to collect social security contributions from companies and guarantee cash management for Social Security. In most situations, URSSAF is also an instrument of employment policy.

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The role of Urssaf and the public concerned

URSSAF’s first and foremost mission is to collect social security contributions, and to manage the Social Security treasury. However, the institution can verify the full application of these regulations. It can also facilitate hiring, and monitor exemptions and reduced contributions.

URSSAF is a key player in the field of social auditing and collection. URSSAF’s other missions are :

  • verification of compliance with regulations: to safeguard social finances and combat hidden work.
  • promoting recruitment, with the application of services to simplify administrative procedures, as well as legal certainty for employers
  • control of exemptions and reductions in contributions (companies, retailers, craftsmen, administrations, healthcare professionals and local authorities, as well as individuals with home workers).
  • Used as a tool for employment policy
  • Collecting Social Security resources and dividing them by branch
  • Manage the common treasury (Social Security) to guarantee branch-by-branch control
  • Study all economic trends

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