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Competition lawyers Bordeaux

DESRUMAUX AVOCATS can help you defend your interests in the field of competition law.

DESRUMAUX AVOCATS assists and advises its customers in commercial advice, pre-litigation and litigation.

DESRUMAUX AVOCATS assists companies with issues relating to competition and anti-competitive practices.

Competition law helps companies that have been the victims of unfair competition to recover damages and interest for the loss suffered and the commercial disruption caused by such practices.

In this respect, the Cabinet DESRUMAUX AVOCATS in Bordeaux can advise you on all abusive commercial practices, such as parasitism, disorganization, commercial denigration and imitation, so that you can take legal action against the person who has caused you harm, in order to seek compensation for the damage suffered and put an end to the commercial disturbance.

Similarly, the firm assists companies sued for unfair competition to limit the financial consequences and/or exclude the defendant company from the case, in order to demonstrate that unfair competition has not been proven.

The Firm may request the implementation of protective measures necessary to preserve evidence and/or establish the truth, and/or the immediate transfer of an activity that is causing a certain and proven disturbance.

Desrumaux's areas of expertise in competition law:

  • Parasitism
  • Disorganization
  • Commercial disparagement
  • Imitation
  • Disloyalty: bad faith and malice on the part of the competitor
  • Willingness to confuse products and/or companies
  • Identifying unfair commercial practices
  • Establishing evidence of abusive and unfair commercial practices.
  • Determining the damage suffered
  • Financial evaluation of the economic and financial damage suffered
  • Identifying and assigning the commercial disturbance
  • Preliminary assessment for unfair competition
  • Interim injunction for unfair competition (writ of summons for the purpose of withdrawing the injunction)
  • Request for a bailiff’s report for unfair competition
  • Action for unfair competition
  • Referral to the Tribunal de Commerce, Tribunal d’instance or Tribunal de grande instance according to the rules governing the assignment of jurisdiction